Edna Mann Shover

Principal, Herron Art School, 1921-1933


Edna Mann Shover served as principal of the Herron Art School from 1921 to 1933.  During these years, Herron was a freestanding school and was not affiliated with Indiana University.  As principal, Shover guided Herron through a period of financial hardship.  Funding for the school dramatically decreased during World War I, and Shover helped the school recover profits by adding practical courses in drafting, map-making, and educational therapy for wounded soldiers.  She later saw the school through hard times following the deaths of several prominent board members and resignation of Herron director Harold Brown.

Shover was an artist in watercolors and ink and began teaching at the Herron Art School in 1919.  She helped to found Herron's summer school program at Winona Lake, Indiana.  As principal of the school, Shover also helped to oversee construction of a new art school facility, which was dedicated in December, 1929.  Shover's accomplishments were rewarded in 1930, when she became the first female recipient of the Gold Medal Award from the Alumni Association of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art.  Shover died in 1965.


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