The Women Creating Excellence exhibit committee used a two-fold approach to identify women for inclusion in this exhibit.  Nominations were solicited from the IUPUI community and research was conducted to identify influential IUPUI women, past and present.  A list of names was compiled and the committee made final selections utilizing the following criteria: 

• Women who have significantly affected IUPUI policies
• Women who impacted the mission/vision of IUPUI
• Women who developed, sustained, or significantly impacted a department, unit, school, or major at IUPUI
• Women who led an IUPUI school, department, or unit in an executive leadership capacity
• Women who led efforts to bring about major changes at IUPUI

IUPUI has been positively impacted by countless women faculty, staff, students, donors, and community members. The list of women included in this exhibit is by no means comprehensive and should be viewed as a work in progress. If you know of an influential woman who is not listed in the table of contents, please nominate them for inclusion in the next phase of this project. Click here to access the nomination form.  


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