Amelia Keller, M.D.

First Female Faculty, Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Keller was the first female faculty member at the Indiana University School of Medicine.  She taught at the school from 1908 to 1919 as an Associate Professor of Diseases of Children.  Keller was also one of the first female physicians practicing in Indianapolis, having started her practice in the city in 1895.

Like many professional women of her day, Keller was a feminist.  When she married Dr. Eugene Buehler in 1899, Keller did not take his name and instead continued to refer to herself by her maiden name.  Keller served as the first president of the Women's Franchise League (1911-1917), and also served as Vice President of the Indiana Federation of Women's Clubs.  She edited the suffrage column of The Citizen magazine for many years.  Keller was also active in many Indianapolis-area women's organizations.


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