Susanah Mead, J.D.

Professor of Law Emeritus

Interim Dean, Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis, 2005-2007 


In 2005, Susanah Mead, J.D. became the first woman in the history of the Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis to become Dean of the school.  She served in this role for two years, during which time she oversaw daily administration.  Mead also created the law school's first diversity plan and appointed the school's first Diversity Council. 

Mead's role as Interim Dean of the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis was not her first administrative role at IUPUI.  After joining the faculty in 1978, Mead directed the School of Law's legal writing program from 1980 to 1981.  From 1997 to 2004, she served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 

Mead is a nationally published author in the fields of product liability and tort law.  She retired in 2011.


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