Sandra Petronio, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Core Faculty, Indiana University Center for Bioethics
Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing and School of Informatics

Sandra Petronio, Ph.D. is a highly regarded researcher in the areas of privacy, disclosure, and confidentiality.  She developed the Communication Privacy Management Theory, widely considered to be an important breakthrough in her field.  Her book, Boundaries of Privacy: Dialectics of Disclosure won the 2003 Gerald R. Miller Award of National Communications Association and the 2004 IARR Book Award from the International Association for Relationship Research.

At IUPUI, Petronio is project manager of the TRIP Initiative, Translating Research Into Practice.  The TRIP Initiative works to foster interdisciplinary research that is beneficial to the general public.  The goal is for researchers to take the information they have learned from scholarship and apply it to create practical solutions to problems faced by people and communities.  At IUPUI, faculty are working on projects that will help farmers, manufacturers, policy makers, educators, etc.  Dr. Petronio has managed the TRIP Initiative since 2007.

Petronio is past president of the International Association of Relationship Research and the Western States Communication Association.  She is currently the Associate Editor of the Journal of Family Communications.  She has received numerous awards including the prestigious National Communication Association Bernard J Bromme Lifetime Award for Excellence in Family Communication Scholarship and Service (2003).

Petronio is the wife of Chancellor Charles R. Bantz.


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