Patricia Edgeworth Cunnea, Ph.D.

 Associate Dean, SPEA, 1976-1978

Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, 1976-1983 


In 1976, Patricia Cunnea, Ph.D. joined the faculty of IUPUI as the head of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs - Indianapolis Division.  Her official title was Associate Dean and Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs.  Previously, Cunnea had served as Dean of Academic Affairs at Hood College in Maryland from 1972 to 1976.  She was an avid researcher in political science and a widely published scholar.  In 1972, before coming to IUPUI, Cunnea became the first woman vice president and president elect of the Northwest Political Science Association.

After two years, in 1978, Cunnea stepped down from her position as Associate Dean due to illness, but continued teaching at the school until her death in July 1983.  Cunnea was a beloved teacher and won an IUPUI teaching award shortly before her death.


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