Georgia Blair Miller

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, Indiana University - Purdue University Columbus

Head, Division of Business, Indiana University – Purdue University Columbus, 2001-2010

Former Executive Director, Executive Education, Indiana University – Purdue University Columbus


As the former head of the Division of Business at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, Georgia Miller was instrumental  in the development of the division's MBA program.  In addition to providing administrative oversight over the school's business education programs, she led efforts to create the Indiana University Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degree programs at IUPUC. Miller is also past Executive Director of IUPUC Executive Education.

Miller has had a long and varied career at IU. She accepted a position as Assistant Professor at the IU Bloomington Kelley School of Business in 1976. In 1993, she joined IUPUI as Acting Executive Director of Integrated Technologies. She was named Executive Director in 1994 and served in this capacity until 1997. From 1997 to 1998, Miller served as IUPUI's Faculty and External Liaison, overseeing strategic and tactical planning initiatives. She also served as the Director of Electronic Research Administration and as a member of the Senior Management Team of University Library. From 1998 to 2001, Miller served as IUPUI's Technology Partnership Liaison Officer, and focused her efforts on implementing the Mayor's High Technology Task Force recommendations for IUPUI. Miller left IUPUI in 2001 to join IUPUC.

At both IUPUI and IUPUC, Miller has been a leader in campus and community involvement. At IUPUC, Miller created the Business Advisory Council to provide professional advice to the Division of Business. She has served on numerous campus committees, including the IU Strategic Planning Task Force, the IUPUI IT Dean's Council, the IUPUC Board of Advisors, and the IUPUC Division Heads. Miller is a founding member of Women and Hi Tech and a charter member of Organizational Systems Research Association, the Entrepreneurial Network, and Columbus Young Professionals. Miller is currently chair of the City of Columbus Technology Advisory Committee.

Over the years, Miller has received many professional recognitions. In 2010, she won the Outstanding Woman Full-Time Faculty Leader at IUPUI. She is listed in several Who's Who publications, including Strathmore, International Emerging Technologies, Emerging Leaders in America, Midwest, World Women, and Outstanding Young Women in America. She was also listed in the Indianapolis Business Journal's Who's Who in Information Technology 1996 edition. Miller was a 2000 finalist for the Indiana First Annual CyberStar Awards.

Miller currently serves as Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for External Affairs at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus.

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