Kathleen Warfel Hull, M.D.

 Professor of Pathology, 1976-2006 

 Director, Office for Women, 1996-1998 


Kathleen Warfel, M.D. became the first director of the IUPUI Office for Women in 1996.  She had already spent twenty years as a professor of pathology at the Indiana University School of Medicine and was excited about the opportunity to work for positive changes for women on campus.  In 1994, while Warfel was serving as President of the Faculty Council, she initiated a Task Force on the Status of Women Faculty with the help of Dean of the Faculties, William Plater.  The Task Force recommended that IUPUI create the Office for Women to study fairness and equity on campus.

Dr. Warfel's first task as director was to create the IUPUI Commission on Women to address women's access to child care, various gender issues, pay disparities, and sexual harassment.  During her years as director, she oversaw the organization of the new Office for Women and created special programming for women on campus.  Warfel resigned from her position as director in 1998 and retired from the School of Medicine in 2006.



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