Clara Hester

First Director, Indiana University Normal College


Clara Hester served as the first director of the Indiana University Normal College.  She joined the staff of Normal College in 1922, and became a full professor in 1924.  From 1934-1941, she served as vice president of the college.  The Normal College was absorbed by Indiana University in 1941, and Hester became Assistant Dean of the Indiana University School of Physical Education.  She was later named Director of the Indiana University Normal College.

As Assistant Dean and Director of the Normal College, Hester established IU's physical education curriculum at IUPUI.  She was also a pioneer in methods of physical education, and in 1933 pioneered camping as a part of physical education.  She took summer camps to Camp Brosius in Wisconsin.  Hester was a charter member of the Indiana section of the American Camping Association and served a term as president of the Indiana State Physical Education Association.  She retired as director in 1963 and continued teaching until 1968.

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