Caroline Marmon Fesler

Board Member, Herron School of Art, 1916-1947


Fesler served as a board member of the Herron School of Art for over thirty years (1916-1947).  She was President of the Art Association of Indianapolis, the organization that originally founded Herron's school and museum.  Fesler was the wife of a prominent Indianapolis lawyer and made several generous donations to Herron during her lifetime and posthumously.  This included a 1928 donation of $200,000 to build a new home for the art school. 

Fesler served on several prominent Herron committees, including the Fine Arts Committee and the Art School Committee.  She was the mastermind behind the Board's decision to split the art school from the Herron Museum, and led the search for the school's first director, Donald Mattison.  Fesler even paid Mattison's initial salary.  Fesler resigned her seat on the Board in 1947 due to illness and died December 28, 1960.


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