Deborah I. Allen, M.D.

 Otis R. Bowen Professor of Medicine 

 Director, Bowen Research Center at IUPUI 

 Director of Predoctoral Education, 1986-1989 

 Chair, Department of Family Medicine, 1989-1998 


Deborah Allen, M.D. is at the forefront of innovations at the IU School of Medicine's family medicine department.  From 1989 to 1998, she served as chair of the department of family medicine, the first female chair of any department at the IU School of Medicine.  As chair, Allen developed and instituted many curriculum changes that strengthened family medicine training.

In 1992, along with Debbie Freund, Allen conceived and developed the Otis R. Bowen Research Center at IUPUI, a research institute with goals to improve preventative and rural health.  In 1998, Allen resigned her position as chair of family medicine to become director of the center.

In 1998, Allen was awarded with a Sagamore of the Wabash distinction by Governor O'Bannon for her contributions toward the development of family medicine in Indiana.  She continues to serve the medical school as director of the Bowen Research Center and as a practitioner and director of the office of the IU Medical Group at One America Tower.



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